Relationships suck

It’s 1:40am in Texas As I’m writing this and I’ve had about 10-15 shots of Bacardi. So I apologize for my shitty grammar and outrages typing…
So here goes…

Girlfriend I’ve been fighting to be in a relationship with for 5 years we started dating a long while back. Tonight i open google chrome on my computer to find she didn’t log out of her Facebook account and see messages between her “ex” boyfriend and her like “hey baby”, “wanna fuck?” Shit like that and outright dating relations

So I got curious and checked Twitter cause she’s not the brightest, check DMs. Sure enough, sleeping with some other dude not even me or her other “ex” boyfriend. Messages like “how far did we go”& “did the BC work?” & “I really could fuck right now”

Between the both of them, coming from her too…

I’m so wasted and the only thing keeping me sober is the fact that she’s not even worth it and my 2 bestfriends are keeping me straight because they drove over to my place to keep me safe.

I’m really lucky tbh, I’m dumping her tomorrow and telling her she’s a piece of shit. Every girl I’m friends with knows how sweet, caring, loving, and thoughtful I am to her, but fuck her y’all know. I thought I loved this girl but now I lost all respect. She first said when we started dating she “didn’t want a breakup to ruin our friendship” the breakup won’t ruin shit, the you cheating on my part is going to and fucking other dudes.

Waste my money and emotions all you want. But you wasted my time I could’ve been with a really sweet and awesome girl.

So you are a sack of shit and if you somehow see this, good. Cause Ashlynn you’re a piece of shit to me and never put it in effort and only caused me pain so I’m glad I can say we are over and I’m gonna be doing so much better!!!!

tl;dr: girlfriend cheated on me, I found out on social media, and now I’m drunk and sad 😦


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